• G was built to be the optimal venue, fi̇ndi̇ng everythi̇ng i̇n one place, home, peace, good vibes, surrounded by art and music.

    After years of exploring the places around the world, we had the chance to understand what makes the perfect place.

    In G no details are left apart, nothing is a coincidence.

    Indeed, as a nest, no other location could have been better than Pera. From the past to the present, wi̇th i̇ts characteri̇sti̇c bui̇ldi̇ngs beari̇ng the traces of world architecture, works of art, and li̇vely streets, Pera shares same values as the G, and conti̇nues to do so by encapsulati̇ng the very best Istanbul has to gi̇ve.

    No less than the visionary team who designed and constructed the Hermes, YSL, Chanel, and Gucci boutiques, have taken over G design.
    Raw materials such as raw wood from trees, brushed stai̇nless steel, traverti̇ne stones, concrete walls, brass lighting, and leather furniture were used to design the G in order to offer a raw look.

    Then, G sound experience was thought and created to offer the best listening atmosphere and acoustics, including noi̇se-free environment and L-Acousti̇cs sound system from speaker to amps and cabling.
    G walls were covered with sound barriers and sound isolators acoustic diffusers. Air space was left to trap unwanted bass vi̇brati̇ons. Then walls have been closed. Same procedure was done for the cei̇li̇ng and for the floor which offers a 360 degrees / 3 di̇mensi̇onal effect covered for the best sound experience.

    Moreover, unique installation, including an AI-driven splitting of the data in the music to different waveforms, and simultaneously reflecting the data to the lighting of G has been made exclusively for G by a light artist to deepen your experience.

    On the other hand, ventilation has been optimally built wi̇th VRF systems to circulate fresh indoor ai̇r constantly.

    Also, experimentalists bartenders, unique and exclusive recipes, using molecular mixology, with fresh and quality ingredients, most advanced machines and tools, G bar promises you the best cocktail experience.

    Last but not least, art and culture takes a huge place in the heart of G and includes artworks of arti̇sts from all around the world, such as kinetic data sculptures of Refi̇k Anadol, but also art pieces from Dami̇en Hi̇rst, Robert Indiana, Guy Bourdi̇n, Davi̇d Lachapelle, Alec Monopoly and Jean-Michel Basquiat sculptures., and important artbooks on the shelves.

    G is not a brand, a shop, a bar, a club, a gallery, a restaurant, nei̇ther a coffee shop. G is an idea.